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Squigle SLS Free Xylitol Toothpaste hosted by Nature's Provision:

Why will you love Squigle® Toothpaste?

Because it fights or prevents:

 Canker Sores (mouth ulcers)
 Bad Breath (simple halitosis)
 Gum Disease (periodontal disease)
 Bleeding Gums, Gingivitis
 Mouth ulcers from cancer treatment
 Perioral Dermatitis
 Plaque, Tartar and Cavities
 Surface Stain

Nearly all other toothpastes contain SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) and other irritating ingredients-even the "natural" ones and the children's toothpastes. Finally, you have an alternative-Squigle® Toothpaste was designed to be your Mouth Friendly® Toothpaste. It's free of harsh abrasives, stinging flavors and irritating tartar control agents and bleaches, and of course it's free of SLS and other irritating detergents.
... is a high performance Xylitol Fluoride toothpaste.
... will improve the quality of your life.
Double blind clinical studies show that Squigle® helps prevent gum disease and improve the condition of those who have it. Other research has shown that a xylitol-fluoride toothpaste such as Squigle prevents tooth decay better than regular toothpaste.
What are canker sores?
Canker sores are also known as recurrent aphthous stomatitis (RAS).

There are 3 types of canker sores.
1. Minor Recurrent Stomatitis: These small canker sores are usually less than one centimeter in size. This is the most common form of canker sores, Nearly 70% of all cases are this type. They usually heal within 7-10 days leaving little or no scarring.

2. Major Recurrent Stomatitis: These larger canker sores are often larger than 1 cm in size. They may take longer to heal (three weeks or more) and could leave scarring after they are gone.

3. Herpetiform: These canker sores are pin point in size (2-3 millimeters). Sometimes these sores accumulate into larger ulcerations. This is a rarer form of canker sores.

What causes canker sores?
No one knows what ultimately causes canker sores, but we do know some things that can lead to canker sores. Here is a partial list:

 Toothpaste ingredients (harsh detergents, tartar control agents, bleaches and flavors)
 Food allergies (chocolate, milk, nuts, peanut butter, wheat products, seafood, tomatoes, citrus fruits)
 Preservatives in food products
 Trauma from brushing teeth too hard
 Lip/Cheek biting
 Vitamin or mineral deficiencies

Prevention of canker sores:

 Use Squigle® Toothpaste-it is free of SLS and other irritating ingredients. It has a detergent that strengthens cell membranes. Clinical studies show that most canker sores are caused by SLS, which is found in 99% of all toothpastes.
 Avoid those foods to which you are sensitive. Read package labels.
 Don't brush too hard. Floss at least once a day, if you can. Gently brush your tongue as well.
 Minimize excess stress.
 Exercise on a regular basis.
 Ensure you are getting enough vitamins and minerals especially vitamin C & B12.
 Drink plenty of Water every day (not soda, not coffee, not tea etc.)

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