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Xylitol is a white crystalline sweetener that has been used in foods since the 1960s. It is a natural substance found in birch trees, corn, strawberries and plums. The human body also produces it, up to 15 grams per day. Gram for gram, is roughly as sweet as regular sugar (sucrose) but contains 40 percent fewer calories. It has a low glycemic index of seven, and is metabolized without using insulin, so it is often the sweetener of choice for diabetics and hypoglycemics.

Furthermore, xylitol has been found to be more than just a substitute sweetener. It has, in fact, positive health benefits. Studies have shown that the use of xylitol results in a dramatic reduction in new tooth decay. Additionally, it has been shown to halt and even reverse some existing dental caries by remineralization of the tooth enamel. This effect is long-lasting, with continued low decay rates years after the study was completed.

Prevention of Ear Infections
Xylitol has beneficial properties beyond the oral cavity as well. Its anti-bacterial properties were shown in a Finnish study in 1996 to have reduced the incidence of ear infections in children by almost 50 percent. Xylitol can be administered via candies, mints or gum, and small children can brush using the granules, as well.

At Xylipro.com, we carry several varieties of mints and gum, granular sweetener and xylitol toothpaste. We even have all-natural preserves in peach, raspberry, strawberry and blueberry. A xylitol nasal spray is also available to fight colds, flu and allergies.

Xylitol for Oral Health

Xylitol Fights Dry Mouth


Prevention of Ear Infections

Xylitol Gum and Mints

Canker Sores and Sodium Laurel Sulfate

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